morning pages


Photo by Alexander Possingham on Unsplash

I’m all round face — good morning

swollen eyes, errors, eyelashes stuck

together, mouth, morning breath — sour

could shake loose a tooth, bring a lost tear

to the brim. I’m so wired

fractured nails from picking, scratching

at inside itches. wired wrong,

so many errors, did you dream about me?

when you tossed and turned, woke up

thirsty, cold — I was dreaming of you,

woke up soaked with sweat and a wet

mouth. why is it so easy

for me to love you, no matter what,

so easy to hate myself

no matter what. I try to cleanse

the thoughts shaking salt

on my swollen tongue, swallowing

pieces of jagged fluorite, selenite,

it tastes like the moon. It burns

all the words trapped in my throat, searches

and finds the thoughts lodged in soft palate,

in creases and folds, digs out

the shame, the pain of everything I never

ever say. neutralises acid, dislodges

cartilage stuck in the wrong place.

It’s been too long, keeping the peace,

not speaking what I want to say.

© 2020, G.M Stone. All Rights Reserved.