by g.m stone

my sun burns for you.


my waves, always crashing.

blue splintering, fracturing

at my shore.

always rushing to you.

come to my beach,

sink your feet in my sand,

help me turn glass into

softness, bleed with me

rub my salt into your skin,

slowly submerge

into me.


let me hold you up, float

look up, i’ve got you

look up at the orange calcite

sunset, the cloudless sky

the moon that never hides.

don’t hold your breath,

take in the breeze bouncing

off the top of my waves, spray

twinkling, dusting your freckled skin

kissing your sun bleached hair.

float away

from my shore, deeper

until you’re not sure which way

is land, until the sky and sea blend

into one

until you realise how easy

it is to swim

in me.

© 2021, G.M Stone. All Rights Reserved.